Our services

Our services


VESS has a multi-talented team of marketing consultants, account managers, event planners, graphic designers and social media gurus. But, above all, we serve as liaisons between our clients and the community. Our community connections and relationships are what really set VESS apart. Founded in 2012, VESS has been working to build a robust contact list for our current and future clients since the very beginning. We find the people and organizations you need to know, and work to build, and foster, relationships with them. We go above and beyond for our clients and our contacts to ensure a long-lasting partnership for all parties.

Social Media

VESS employees are well-versed in the ever-expanding world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. We have built pages and profiles from scratch and helped recover popularity and followers on pages that had been started long ago and needed some love. We have established a very effective social media calendaring system that allows our clients to engage when they desire and stay out of it completely when they don’t want to deal with the digital. We create online personas that project the messages of each individual brand and instantly start increasing followers, likes and engagement.


Consultants at our core, VESS will analyze your company inside and out to create long-term, research-driven strategies that will continue to produce results for the life of your business. Some of our strategy tools include employee evaluations, staff training, pricing restructures and rebranding - to name a few. We want to know the inner-workings of the business and help shape the most marketable product possible.


We all know pictures speak louder than words, and VESS makes sure all our clients are at maximum volume. Our small but diverse staff has graphic designers and photographers on deck to promote and/or capture any event and promotion we're putting out there. Visuals are increasingly important in the digital age, and VESS is well equipped with the skill set to make you stand out. Instagram, Facebook, print outs, posters, menus, sales materials, brochures - we've got you covered. Check out our gallery for examples.


At VESS, we know the value of a good party and how to throw one. We have built unique competitions for chefs, dog owners, taco lovers, margarita makers and more. We have created farmer’s markets inside of our restaurants for an incredibly original dining experience. We have curated music, cocktails and dishes from scratch to ensure the “perfect” event. We won’t host anything we wouldn’t want to attend ourselves, and our wildly creative event history proves that. Whether we’re developing inventive beer brunch flights for a Sunday Funday at our brewery or planning medical mixers for our doctors, we always keep our social calendar chock-full when it comes to generating opportunities for our clients.