Feb 14, 2017
Rachel Welton

Coworking Spaces

Coworking. What’s the hype? We’ll let me tell you, productivity.
Being surround by individuals who are just starting a company or even just work with a company of less than 4 people is a rewarding experience. You find that these are the most driven individuals, the entrepreneurs of the future, and all around smart people. Much like working in an office, you are surrounded by typing computers, bubbles from the water jug, and DOGS! Yes, dogs. Many Austin coworking spaces are dog friendly. Due to the number of people in each space, you aren’t suffocated by people in your space. Each individual is given their own workspace to get their creative juices flowing.
So how do you socialize? Easy. It’s just like working with a group of people doing the same thing, except everyone is doing different work. You never know who you’ll be sitting next to when you come to work, it could be an accountant or a graphic designer. Chances are you’ll be with the same group of people in the coworking space but there are no assigned desks! People are constantly moving around and enjoy moving at a fast pace, motivating you to do the same! You are constantly engaging with professionals that are quick on their feet and passionate about what they do. That right there is the icebreaker in a coworking space.
The next time you think about changing offices or even just starting out as an entrepreneur, go take a look at coworking spaces around town and see if it’s the right fit.