Jun 17, 2022

Should You Work with Influencers?


What is an Influencer?

Influencers have a pulse on current culture, and can help amplify your brand.  They tend to have a large following on social media, and may also be famous in a niche market or otherwise have credibility in a specific area. Influencers are tiered, depending on how many followers they have, although research has shown that “nano influencers,” with about 1k-5k followers, have the most engagement with their users online (Shopify). However, the influencers with the most cache are still celebrities, often with over a million followers. 


How does an Influencer work?

While trusted brands used to be built through advertising and word of mouth, influencers come across as trusted friends on social media, nearly doubling the trust consumers have with a product or service. Young female users (between ages 16-24) are most likely to be persuaded by influencers to at least try a product (Shopify). 

Influencers are usually given perks to try products and services so that they can amplify them on their social media accounts. Sometimes they make videos or Instagram posts to generate interest and have genuine conversations about their experience with the product. This presumed realistic perspective helps build trust in a brand and can encourage followers of the influencer to try certain products or services.


Influencers on social media

Although Instagram is the runaway favorite for influencers, TikTok is becoming more popular with younger generations. TikTok invites more engagement than Instagram, with 39% of respondents buying a product as opposed to 22% on Instagram (Shopify).


Influencers and Your Business

Why should you ask an influencer to help your business? Well, it is an easy way to build rapport with your brand without a lot of advertising. Using an influencer will create genuine engagement and build credibility within your brand. People tend to trust their peers; if they don’t directly hear a recommendation from a friend, the next best thing is someone they trust and follow on social media. Having an influencer use your product or service creates instant authority, as well as builds an opportunity for constructive feedback. Listen to what they say, as well as how their followers respond to your product. You can create brand ambassadors; give them creative freedom to experience your product, and you may be surprised by the result. 


Remember, you do not have to have a big name celebrity to be your influencer. Check out who is influential in your marketing niche, and reach out to them for a brand ambassador opportunity. See if someone local commands a large following on social media. You may just tap into the market that you have been searching for all along.


(Source: Forbes)