Aug 04, 2017
Rachel Welton

How An Active Business Instagram Account Can Help You

Social media is an unavoidable presence in life, and those that embrace it and use it to their advantage are better off than those who do not. Today, most businesses make sure to establish a social media presence as soon as they open their doors.

Ensuring their presence and message are effective, likeable and have the capacity to grow is something every business should consider. What should your tone and voice be? How will you utilize the tool of social media to effectively market, maintain, and grow?

An active, well-tended business Instagram account can help you and your business in many and massive ways. Instagram itself even created their popular blog, Instagram for Business, or simply,

Business Blog.This blog features content on best practices, general tips, new insights and timely talking points. For example, recent posts on the blog center around the upcoming webinars to be offered, how to use sight, sound and mobilization to your advantage, and new in-app platforms to measure insights.

If you hit the right stride, your account with a flourish. If your business lends itself to playfulness and humor, perhaps you should capitalize on this and have your content reflect such a tone. Needless to say, playfulness and humor are surefire engagers, and followers love positive content. Balance your posts between business-centric announcements, events, and other general housekeeping alongside those fun and playful elements

Your business cannot survive without a community, which is why a community of followers on Instagram can help propel your success. If you cultivate, nurture and constantly engage, the positive outcomes will be easily felt and appreciated.

So even if you have adverse feelings towards social media and its potential impact on our culture, if you are in the business of being a business, you absolutely must have a social media presence—especially on the Instagram platform.

Images speak louder than words sometimes, and Instagram provides you with the capacity to craft your message with both.

Get on the Instagram train before you and your business are left behind in the dust. Need some help? Let us connect you! Email us at for more information on how Vess Consulting Group can help you and your business thrive digitally.