Sep 27, 2016

Why Is Client Diversity Important?

At VESS Consulting Group, to say we have a wide range of clients is an understatement. Currently, VESS represents medical clinics, attorneys of all different fields, high-end restaurants, casual restaurants, a brewery, a crafting studio, bars, private event spaces and more. While specializing in particular skill sets and honing in on your expertise is important, utilizing your talents in diverse ways is not only creatively fulfilling but also helping you maximize your time.

You don’t need to call 15 different breweries to get a beverage sponsor for your medical clinic’s big event if you already have one in-house. You don’t need to spend hours finding the right attorney to draft new employee contracts for your restaurant if you already work with an employment attorney on a day-to-day basis.

A circle of varied clients is much more powerful than a circle of clients that are the same. You might feel comfortable plugging in your marketing formulas and tactics for attorney after attorney when you think you’ve mastered the legal marketing world. But step outside your comfort zone and go after all types of businesses. You can share budgets, trade product, cross-promote, cross-network and more when you mix up who you’re working with. Your contacts, your staff and, most importantly, your clients will thank you for it.