Feb 24, 2017
Rachel Welton

Present Like a Boss

Have you ever had a dream about presenting to a crowd naked? It happens. It probably happens right before a big client meeting when you have to get everyone to be just as passionate as you are about an idea or product. Lucky for you we’ve got just the tips and tricks to help you present like a boss.

  1. Before the presentation, go ahead and find a space to be alone. After finding a space, pose in a way that makes you feel confident. For a lot of people this is usually standing up straight, feet apart (sturdy on the ground), hands on your hips, back straight, and head up. You may feel silly at first, but trust me; your confidence will go through the roof! The last step to this is simply breathing in and out while thinking about positive thoughts. You know you’ve got this, now it’s time to show everyone else the passion you have! BE EXCITED!
  2. Going along with this first idea is the art of persuasion. Before you can persuade anyone else with what you are speaking about, you first have to be persuaded. How well do you know what you are presenting on? The answer is probably very well, if you are in a position to be presented in the first place. So be confident that you are going into a room knowing more about this topic than anyone else.
  3. When actually going into a presentation, check out the space before if you can. If not, no big deal! Now, body language; be open. Use your whole body when presenting, you want your audience to not know what’s happening next. If you’re constantly moving around the room and using your hands to talk, people are more likely to stay focused on you simply because the element of surprise. Now let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Palms up when you are talking! This opens up your frame when presenting, it shows that you are an open and trustworthy person. Lastly, make eye contact and hold it, try to connect with the people in the room.
  4. Find a way to tell a personal story in your presentation, it’s another great way to earn trust in the room. You want it to be relevant to your audience, so don’t tell them about the one time you were a kid and fell in a lake while fishing, unless you are certain you can tie it back to the original topic. Make sure the story has some sort of twist, so right when your audience is losing interest, you gain it back with the climax of the story. For your conclusion, you need to have a defined ending. Why was this story important to tell your audience and what can they take away from it?

The most important part about presenting is to make sure you’re having fun doing it. Remember that you are in charge of the room at that time. Everyone has confidence in you to educate them on a topic so own it!