Nov 25, 2021

Tips for Email Marketing

Reaching your audience

Every business wants to be able to speak to its customers with an authentic voice while generating interest in products and services. Striking the right balance between building a relationship and encouraging engagement with your product or service can take practice, but can be mastered with practice.


– Know Thy Product


Make sure you know your company’s core values as well as what you have to offer the world. The better you understand what you can offer, the easier it will be to find the right audience and stay true to your brand.


– Be Relevant


Good marketers have their pulse on the moment. Think of what your business offers people and how your product or service fills a need. Make the message personal, if possible, and relevant. For example, if you have a cleaning business, consider how you can make your customer’s life easier. Consider how certain times of year affect your business. If you give lessons, people are usually more likely to start a new skill in the fall (during the traditional start of school) or at the new year. Having your pulse on the year’s timeline and your businesses’ relevance can help you deliver timely and engaging marketing emails.


– Cut the Coupons


While most people may think marketing is designed to push promotional offers, they shouldn’t be the only time you reach out to your customers. When you have something to share about growing your business or winning an award, then shout it out! Focus emails on building a relationship with your customers, and not just a chance to give out a deal. Remember, your goal is to make money and not to sell your business short.


– Be Tech Savvy


Learn how to automate certain messages, especially if they are cyclical and occur regularly. If you know certain parts of your business are more relevant to certain customers, you can segment your emails to reflect the various needs of your customers. Use other social media to promote or share announcements, deals, or events. The more your message gets out into the world, the more likely your customers will find you.


Your Best Advocate


Remember to be true to your core values and honest with your customers. This will help attract more customers and help keep your business growing! Make sure you are interacting with your customers regularly, but try not to overwhelm their inboxes. Allow flexibility in how often you communicate with your customers — and be authentic in how you present your business. With a little practice, you can become a savvy email marketer, while still remaining true to what you want your business to be.