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The Importance of Digital Marketing

In today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world, digital marketing is necessary for businesses of all sizes to understand consumer trends, reach broader audiences, and compete among similar businesses. Unlike traditional print media, online advertising helps businesses target their intended audience and better understand the habits and trends of their customer base. Connecting to your audience Marketing online […]

The Importance of Having a Website

The Importance of Having a Website

Even if your business has existed for many years without a website, there are many benefits to getting one up and running in today’s economy. A website can help a business grow and thrive, as you can offer services and access to your products whenever it is convenient to your customer. You can also reach […]


Should You Work with Influencers?

  What is an Influencer? Influencers have a pulse on current culture, and can help amplify your brand.  They tend to have a large following on social media, and may also be famous in a niche market or otherwise have credibility in a specific area. Influencers are tiered, depending on how many followers they have, […]

NFTs Arrive on Facebook & Instagram

What is an NFT? NFT stands for non-fungible token, meaning it cannot be changed into something else. These certificates ensure your artwork is not able to be copied or stolen, as it secures your assets online by creating a unique digital signature on an asset. An NFT can be bought and sold for real money, […]

Search Engine Campaigns

  What is a search engine campaign?   Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the practice of marketing a business through paid advertising that appears on search engines results pages, or SERPs. Like a traditional ad campaign, a search engine campaign strategically places ads on related searches. Google Ads is one platform that you can use […]

Website Development. Desktop vs. Mobile

  What you should know   Your website user experience can vary depending on whether you view it on a  desktop or mobile device. It is important to be aware of how your webpage looks and is accessed across multiple platforms in order to give your users the best experience no matter how they navigate […]

Copywriting Checklist for Your Brand

What is Copywriting?   Copywriting is the art of writing text – or copy – for marketing purposes. Usually a writer is hired to write blogs, advertisements, articles, or even Tweets and Facebook posts to help sell a brand. Copywriters need to know the nature of their client’s business, and have an understanding of the […]

Tips for Email Marketing

Reaching your audience Every business wants to be able to speak to its customers with an authentic voice while generating interest in products and services. Striking the right balance between building a relationship and encouraging engagement with your product or service can take practice, but can be mastered with practice.   – Know Thy Product […]

What we’ve learned from the Pandemic

Remember endless commutes and long meetings squeezed into a room with your colleagues? Remember rushing to appointments and traveling across the country for a family reunion? The COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to a lot of how we socialize – yet we have learned so much along the way, hopefully for the better.   How […]

Marketing Yourself as an Attorney

Let’s face it, most people don’t really think about attorneys or the intricacies of the law until they get into legal trouble. Unfortunately, this can cause potential clients to ignore legal marketing or deem it unnecessary to their daily lives. In today’s rapidly changing business climate attorneys have to shift their marketing strategies to make […]