3 Ways to Help Break Out of Your Marketing Rut

When new companies arise, everyone seems to have the energy and time to invest into marketing strategies and efforts. At some point during the life of a business, however, many businesses may stop being innovative with their marketing and might fall into what we call a “marketing rut.” There are many things that you can […]

How much should you spend on marketing? And how do you budget that?

A good rule of thumb for small businesses with revenues less than $5 million a year, is to allocate 7-8% of their revenues to marketing. Then, split that budget between 1) brand development costs (this includes the funnels throughout you’ll use to promote your brand like your website, blogs, marketing collateral, etc.) and 2) the […]

Why Creating a Brand For Your Company is Important to Its Success

    A good brand is hard to find—but it is absolutely integral to the success of your business. If your brand is well founded and strong then your company will follow suit.   A brand is not just a catchy logo—it is the core of your company. A good brand increases your business’s value, […]

“Not-Working”: How To Network at a Non-Network Event and the Importance of Building Relationships

    When it comes to your working relationships, there is no better way to cultivate and maintain them than the act of networking. As you are probably aware, it is often more about whom you know than what you know. That is to say if you know the right people and use your networking […]

#WhatAreHashtags and why are they so important?

  If you have personal social media pages or if you interact with social media from a business perspective, then you cannot avoid hashtags. They seem to accompany every post and sometimes do not even really make any sense. So, what are hashtags and why should you care? Read on to find out what is […]

Business Partnerships: Why you should find businesses to partner with

Why is it important and beneficial to your business to establish business partnerships? If you strategically align your business with good partners, you are providing your own business with the opportunity to grow, improve and widen your reach—especially if you are a small business with a limited number of contacts. Contacts are incredibly important assets […]

How An Active Business Instagram Account Can Help You

Social media is an unavoidable presence in life, and those that embrace it and use it to their advantage are better off than those who do not. Today, most businesses make sure to establish a social media presence as soon as they open their doors. Ensuring their presence and message are effective, likeable and have […]

Present Like a Boss

Have you ever had a dream about presenting to a crowd naked? It happens. It probably happens right before a big client meeting when you have to get everyone to be just as passionate as you are about an idea or product. Lucky for you we’ve got just the tips and tricks to help you […]

Coworking Spaces

Coworking. What’s the hype? We’ll let me tell you, productivity. Being surround by individuals who are just starting a company or even just work with a company of less than 4 people is a rewarding experience. You find that these are the most driven individuals, the entrepreneurs of the future, and all around smart people. […]

Think Small

Growing up, I loved drawing and making collages. I wanted everything to be colorful, white space in the background meant I wasn’t finished. Even when taking notes in class the white space was calling me to be colored in. But is white space actually a good thing when creating eye-catching ads? My younger self would’ve […]