Present Like a Boss

Have you ever had a dream about presenting to a crowd naked? It happens. It probably happens right before a big client meeting when you have to get everyone to be just as passionate as you are about an idea or product. Lucky for you we’ve got just the tips and tricks to help you […]

Coworking Spaces

Coworking. What’s the hype? We’ll let me tell you, productivity. Being surround by individuals who are just starting a company or even just work with a company of less than 4 people is a rewarding experience. You find that these are the most driven individuals, the entrepreneurs of the future, and all around smart people. […]

Think Small

Growing up, I loved drawing and making collages. I wanted everything to be colorful, white space in the background meant I wasn’t finished. Even when taking notes in class the white space was calling me to be colored in. But is white space actually a good thing when creating eye-catching ads? My younger self would’ve […]

Why Is Client Diversity Important?

At VESS Consulting Group, to say we have a wide range of clients is an understatement. Currently, VESS represents medical clinics, attorneys of all different fields, high-end restaurants, casual restaurants, a brewery, a crafting studio, bars, private event spaces and more. While specializing in particular skill sets and honing in on your expertise is important, […]